The Filming Spot of Winter Sonata in Seoul (24-1)

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    Hotel → Large Famous Korean Star Souvenir Shop → Famous Korean Celebrity Handprints → Seoul Location of Winter Sonata(Huamdong Catholic Church) → Lotte Department Store(Hanryu Zone) → Sinsadong Garosugil Road → Hotel
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Why Cosmojin

Thank you for your interest to Cosmojin, the travel agency for foreign tourists.

Cosmojin travel agency is developing newest tour packages follows customers’ needs and world trend as a company which is managing Seoul daily city tour for foreign tourists for more than 15 years.

Every package is organized with popular sights easy to find by theme and time, and also programs for touring suburb are prepared for who wants to get out of complex Seoul and enjoy relaxed time. Driving out of Seoul in an hour will impress you with unique mood of Korea. We selected only good spots in one hour distance for a day tour.

We are proud of our professional guide services are distinguished from any other travel agencies in satisfaction level. We understand that any meaningful sights could be nothing without professional guide. Also we provide the latest vehicles and clean transportations for satisfying every customer in Seoul city tour. Today, you will earn the interesting, fabulous episodes and not-often-to-hear information about Seoul and Korea.

The best guide, the best customer, and the best sights. I hope you enjoy.

Tour Highlights

Do you want to feel the Korean Wave, touring sets of movies or TV shows which are the hottest issues within Korean culture? Then choose a chance to experience the Korean wave tour series with Cosmojin.
The expression, "Korean wave" was used first in Japan, Taiwan, and China when Korean pop culture became popular. Now the wave has spread to Southeast Asia. Not only the pop culture of Korea but the tremendous popularity of Korean products such as electronics or foods are also part of the Korean wave.
Visit the major filming site of famous TV dramas like and feel the live field of the Korean wave. There is also the Korean wave experience center, photo zones, and Korean star shop to purchase souvenirs of Korean pop stars and actors.

What You Can Expect

The tour follows all the locations of the first of its kind of the Korean wave, and is an absolute package tour for drama fans. It starts at the Gangnam hot spot to recall its memories. The Korean Star Souvenir Shop sells souvenirs of famous Korean actors and K-pop stars.

You can pledge your eternal love in the beautiful Huamdong Catholic church. Also, the newest trend in Korea is soaking in Garosugil, the hottest place for the young generation.

- Korean Star Souvenir Shop, plenty of souvenirs for Korean wave lovers
- A chance to look for the hand-print of your favorite star
- The Huamdong Catholic church: for couples who have a sincere love
- Photo zone: Taking photos with actual life-size Korean star models (wax figures)
- The most popular and trendy sights of Gangnam, Garosugil


Tour Included

Guide, Transportation, Admission Fee, Hotel Pick up & Drop off Service (in Seoul)

Pick-up & Sending Service

1. Pick-up and drop-off service may be delayed due to traffic.

Payment / Cancelation

1. Cancel by 18:00 one day before the scheduled tour: 100% REFUND
2. Cancel after 18:00 one day before the tour date: cancellation fee of 100% of the tour cost.
3. Cancel at or after the tour begins or no-show: NO REFUND


1. Depending on traffic the order of the tour schedule may change.
2. In case some sites of the tours are closed, a visit to alternative places will apply.
3. For your safety, stay with the group and follow the directions of the guide during a group tour.
4. Cosmojin cannot take responsibility for any injuries or losses incurred while on tour. 

Cosmojin is registered in liability insurance corresponding KRW 300,000,000 for travel business license.

- The customers are not registered for accident insurance covering the medical expenses in case of accidents happening on the day of the event, so please check beforehand with the tour guide if customers are registered with travel insurance from homeland.

- Please refer to the special terms and conditions on the website for insurance coverage.


  • Hotel
  • Large Famous Korean Star Souvenir Shop

    You can find every kind of souvenir of Korean stars Such as photos, T-shirts, handkerchiefs, postcards, and pens with stars’ pictures on. This is the perfect place for fans.

  • Famous Korean Celebrity Handprints

    All handprints of Korean celebrities are being gathering in this place. Take photos of your hand next to your favorite stars’.

  • Seoul Location of Winter Sonata(Huamdong Catholic Church)

    Huamdong Catholic church was the location of in the scene when the two characters swore their sincere love between each other. You will be led into the church by the sound of the organ. The stairs at the entrance continues into the church and the sky over looking the place make a great symphony. This will remind you of the love scene.

  • Lotte Department Store(Hanryu Zone)

    This Zone is a place where it combines the entertainment contents and the stars that represent Korea, to feel the trend, which leads the Korean, pop culture. It is an experience with a new concept that gives visitors a unique experience to be the stars they love.

  • Sinsadong Garosugil Road

    This location is the street of young people, there are many global SPA (Specialty store retailer of Private label Apparel Brand) stores, chain coffee shops, remarkable handcraft workshop, jewelry shop, and café.

    If you care about trend and vogue, let us visit the Soho Street of Korea.



  • Hotel


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    Trendy fashion on Garosugil helped me understanding Korean wave and its styles.

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