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Why Cosmojin

Welcome to Cosmojin. Thanks for your interest and support for our service.

Cosmojin travel has run Seoul daily city tour for more than 15 years. We developed the most attractive tour packages for visitors and will continue to create new programs to meet international traveler’s need.

We help you to plan your own Seoul city tour with well-prepared theme and organized time table. You will find the most convenient way to enjoy Seoul with Cosmojin.

We hire the best tour guides with good service experience especially for foreigners and they all get great feedbacks from the customers. They are all proud of what they do for visitors to make your every corner of visits memorable and meaningful.

Transportation is another important things define travel quality. We provides brand new and clean cars with reasonable price for various tour packages.

There is Korean saying "Even a chance meeting is due to the Karma in a previous life." We will serve you as our family and friend as we want you to remember the time with us as a great memory. There are so much fun in Seoul and we cannot wait to introduce all of them. It does not matter morning, afternoon or late night. You will be surprised what you can enjoy in every second. We look forward to meeting you soon. You will enjoy guided tour with interesting secret and meaningful information that you cannot find elsewhere. Aren’t you excited about the best guide, the best customer, the best place and the best tour course?

Tour Highlights

Dongdaemun market: the popular background of a TV series
Dongdaemun night market is the common background of the TV series with Korean Cinderella characters. It is the market where the youngest designer (acted by Nara Jang) ran to find fabrics in KBS2TV's TV soap opera, or the main character in ? who dreamed about becoming a fashion designer. Like this, Dongdaemun night market was illustrated as a standard night market.
The market is largely categorized as the left side and the right side of the Ogansugyo Bridge. Retail stores, including Migliore and Doota building are on the left side. But the main part of this tour is the right side of the bridge which has wholesale stores. This night market opens at 8 p.m. and the peak time is 11 p.m. to 2 a.m. It is usually time to go to bed for some, but for this area, it's over-crowded during the later hours, most of the time.

Famous for night snacks as much as for fashion
The best thing about the night market is definitely the night snacks. Run into the nearest place when you feel hungry during the adventure. Eatery alley was more popular when Dongdaemun Stadium was there. Many cafés and sandwich shops settled in new buildings and it looks like an outdoor café. The night market is filled with night snacks. Eatery alley between Gwanghee fashion mall and South Peace market has many cart bars with seafood menus and bottles of Soju. These cart bars have the hottest killer tteokbokki, fiery chicken feet, Bibim guksu (spicy noodles) in Jeil Peace market are the most famous. Also the left side of the bridge has Kalguksu (noodle soup) with a whole chicken, gopchang (pork tripe), nokdu bindaetteok (fried pancakes made with mung bean) and so on.

Changdeokgung, has been selected as a UNESCO world heritage site and this is one of two that are located in Seoul. There are 10 strict selection criteria the locations have to have to be part of the UNESCO world heritage. Nominated sites must be of “outstanding universal value” and meet at least one of the ten criteria. Changdeokgung was added in 1997. The UNESCO committee inscribed the site, stating the place was an “outstanding example of Far Eastern palace architecture and garden design,” being exceptional because the building is “integrated into and harmonized with the natural setting,” and adapted “to the topography and retaining indigenous tree cover.” 2 thirds of the palace are on the terrain part of Bukhan mountain and all buildings are located following the terrain shape naturally, which makes Changdeokgung even more unique and a tradition of Korean architecture and landscaping. Changdeokgung is the only palace used by Chosun Kings for the longest period of time, more than any other Chosun palaces and it was well preserved. Because of the 4 clear seasons in Korea and Changdeokgung's unique natural design, kings and their families had loved it.

Built in 1394, which is 100 years before Columbus planted his first footstep on the American continent, Gyeongbokgung is the last palace in Korean history where the last emperor of the Chosun dynasty stayed. There are two different parts in the palace, Naejeon (inner court) where the emperor and family stayed and Oejeon (outer court) for politics and governance.
Geunjeongjeon is the throne hall where the king formally granted audiences to his officials and gave declarations of national importance. Sajeongjeon is the executive office where the king or emperor carried out his executive duties and held meetings with top government officials. Gangnyengjeon is where the king's bed chamber is located. Gyotaejeon is for queens and Jagyeongjeon is the only royal residing quarters for the late queens. There are so many parts designed for different functions and different residences in the palace. So the palace is not a single structure but one big area with several sectors or towns.
There are also many interesting architectural elements. For example, Haetae is a symbol for cleanness which people believed would allow only good people who pledge loyalty to the king to come into the palace.
You can find out more interesting stories and secrets of the Chosun dynasty and palaces through a Cosmojin guide.

The oldest traditional market
Namdaemun market originated in the 13th century under King Taejong (1414). Merchants were allowed to open shops around Namdaemun which now have become modern markets. As it has a long history, the scale is huge. 17 acres of large size lots where 54 acres of shopping flats are located. Not only will you be surprised by the size of the market, but also by the variety of merchandise you can buy. Except for construction materials and furniture, you can literally find everything. Food, medicine, fashion items and the list goes on and on. Although each shop occupies a tiny area, they have a unique system to sustain their business model. They buy things directly from manufacturers or someone nearby to minimize distribution cost.
Thus you can find many shops that are selling their own products, which means merchants are the manufacturers. During the late part of the night, distributors from every corner of Korea come to this market. This causes the market to run for 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It is even more active at dawn. The scene itself is magnificent and attractive enough to wake up tourists to come to the market anytime of the day especially late at night till dawn.

Open the way for humans
Yookcho (seven government offices of Joseon Dynasty) Street was the symbol of Hanyang (the old name of Seoul). The first King Taejo during the time of the Joseon Dynasty relocated the capital city into Hanyang. He built Yookcho Street on both sides of the streets in front of Gwanghwamun gate. It is the distance between Gwanghwamun to Gwanhwamun intersection these days. It was the best street that continued to the loyal palace, but entering into modern time, it was changed into a street for cars, meaning that Yookcho Street faded away naturally.

But the center of the street was reopened about 34 meters wide and 740 meters long and the Gwanghwamun Square connected Gwanghwamun and Cheonggye square in August 2009. 10 lanes on both sides of Gwanghwamun Square worked as a second square. This means the best street of Korea is revived. Car streets were changed into human-centered space and narrowed the gaps for citizens.
You can enlarge and shrink with a PC mouse or arrow key on the keyboard and the 3D image that rotates 360 degree.

The major square of Korea
The square is divided into ‘recovery block of history of Gwanghwamun,' ‘re-created block of the scene of Yookcho street,' ‘The major square of Korea,' ‘metroculture blocked for citizen participants,’from the ‘square which is located in the heart of the city,’ and the‘link to Cheonggyecheon stream.’ These are working as a cultural and relaxation space to reboot the historic city based on its individual characters, especially the statue of King Sejong the Great which is located in ‘The major square of Korea,’which is the pivot point of the whole square.

The statue of King Sejong the Great is 6.2 meters high, 4.3 meters long, weighs 20 tons, and is set up on a 4.2 meter high stylobate. His other works such as Haesigye(sundial), Cheukugye(udometer), Honchunyi(celestial globe) are placed together. You can learn about his life and achievement in the ‘the tale of King Sejong the Great’ exhibition area located in the underground level.

In the square, the heart of city near the statue of General Lee is also a place beloved by the citizens. An artificial pond and 12.23 fountains cool the heat of the boiling city during the summer, and at about a meter in width and 365 meters in length, a ‘stream of history’ is flowing on both sides. The main history of Korea between 1392 and 2008 is recorded on the east side and unfortunately the west side is still left for the future. As if it is an actual stream of time, water is flowing on the past and the future. The place is popular, with floor fountains for children in the hot weather.
Besides these, the Haechi sculpture, which is the symbol of Seoul, and the grass square, are also located. Smiling Haechi helps make this square familiar with people. The grass square is used as a place to relax for both citizens and tourists, and it also runs an ice rink during the winter with the beautiful Gwanghwamun in the background.

One of Seoul's most ambitious revitalized projects of the past several decades has transformed the Cheonggyecheon stream into one of the city’s best outdoor pedestrian areas. Cheonggyecheon, a small stream passing through downtown Seoul, was restored in 2005 to give the city a desperately needed outdoor area. The project included the installation of extensive walking paths, 22 bridges, a large central fountain and several murals and art installations featuring the work of local artists. The stream now stretches nearly 7 miles (11 kilometers), so you'll usually be able to find a place to sit and relax.

In a city that was once largely devoid of natural spaces, Cheonggyecheon is one of the best places in Seoul for walking, people watching or simply taking a break from a walking tour of the surrounding historic district. During the summers, the city hosts cultural festivals and concerts as part of the Cheonggyecheon Cultural Festival. The waters of the Cheonggyecheon stream light up each night, and the city adorns the trees with thousands of lights when in the Christmas season. Chenggyecheon is still evolving with meaningful value to Seoul citizens. There are great wishes, hopes and harmony that flow in the stream, which is the heart of the citizens of Seoul and a symbol of evolution. This movement is still flowing.

What You Can Expect

Where did the past kings of Korea live and what was it like?
Look around Gyeongbokgung Palace where the last king of Seoul and Changdeokgung Palace which is enrolled in the world heritage list, and see how the main street from 600 years ago has changed into a large square through course no. 30. All places are decorated with beautiful lights at night.
Driving down the Chunggyecheon stream, enjoy the shopping in the Dongdaemun night market, the heaven of night shopping.

- Drive through the beautiful night view course spots (Gyeongbokgung Palace, Changdeokgung Palace, Gwanghwamun Square, Cheonggyecheon Stream, Namdaemun Market)
- Dongdaemun market where they never rest at night / Itaewon
- Don’t forget to have night snacks, another charm of Korea


You will hear about Seoul while driving through the main tourist spots within Seoul, which are palaces, the core of downtown and other hot spots.
You will be seeing and listening about many popular tourist spots in a glance through this short night time driving tour. 

Tour Included

Guide, Transportation, Hotel Pick up Service (in Seoul)

Pick-up & Sending Service

1. Pick-up service may be delayed due to traffic.

Payment / Cancelation

1. Cancel by 18:00 one day before the scheduled tour: 100% REFUND
2. Cancel after 18:00 one day before the tour date: cancellation fee of 100% of the tour cost.
3. Cancel at or after the tour begins or no-show: NO REFUND


1. Depending on traffic, the order of the tour schedule may be changed.
2. For your safety, stay with the group and follow the directions of the guide during a group tour.
3. Cosmojin cannot take responsibility for any injuries or losses incurred while on tour.

Cosmojin is registered in liability insurance corresponding KRW 300,000,000 for travel business license.

- The customers are not registered for accident insurance covering the medical expenses in case of accidents happening on the day of the event, so please check beforehand with the tour guide if customers are registered with travel insurance from homeland.

- Please refer to the special terms and conditions on the website for insurance coverage.


  • Hotel
  • Changdeok Palace

    Changdoekgook Palace is the only place that is designated as a World Heritage site within Korean palaces.
    Changdeokgoong palace receives a lot of praises for its beauty and is well remained as its original state.
    Especially the back garden, which occupies over half of the palace, shows the beauty of the Korean traditional garden the most well.
    This place is where the kings of Joseon Dynasty had relived their stressed and spirits from state affairs in the past.
    Let us become like a king of the past during the Joseon times and take a stroll and rest around the backyard of the Changdoekgook Palace.

  • Gyeongbok Palace

    Kyeongbokgung Palace is one of the oldest of the five places in Seoul. It is such a great and magnificent building as a representative of Joseon Dynasty. It shows off the beauty of its construction.Through this, it can be a representative tourism spot for foreigners to understand the tradition and history of Korea.This tour course takes around one and a half hours; you will see remarkable pavilions like Kyunghoiru and Hyangwonjung, and beautiful/classy wooden and stone structures as Kyungcheonsaji 10-story tower, you also will see Kyotaejeon and Kangnyungjun places where you can experience the life of noble people with a guide.


    The choicest tour place for foreign tourists.
    Gyungbok-gung Palace is the starting point of 500 years of history in Joseon Dynasty.
    You will defiantly enjoy the stroll around the place feeling the quiet and peaceful mood.
    It can be a representative tourism spot for foreigners to understand the tradition and history of Korea.
    If you want to know the history of Korea properly, you should visit this place.

  • Gwanghwamun Square

    The new Gwanghwamun Square is inaugurated in June 2009. Actually the square is a rectangle stretching over 740 m all along Sejongno from Gwanghwamun itself (still under renovation in its original location) to the Statue of Admiral Yi Sun-shin at the cross with Jongro and Shinmunro. Until now eight lanes of traffic were separated by a thin green band hosting old gingko trees. The idea is to develop the central section open it to the public and turn the whole street into a large plaza for special occasions. So this rectangle will be 10 to 34 m wide depending on the days and much bigger if you include the large pavements on both sides.

  • Cheonggye Stream

    Koreans call Chunggyecheon as an oasis in the city central that is awakened from a long sleep. Among the dense tall buildings’ line-up, one ray of water is flowing through the central. Chunggyecheon has become a resting and picnic place for office workers at their lunch time and weekends. This place is chosen as the most beautiful ‘100 roads’ in Korea, it is really good for taking a stroll during a warm sun shining day.

  • Namdaemun Market

    The oldest traditional market Namdaemun market has been originated from 14th year of king Taejong (1414). Merchants were allowed to open shops around Namdaemun which now became modern market.

    As is its long history, the scale is huge. 17 acre large size of land where 54 acre size of shopping flats are located. Not by only just size of the market but you will be surprised by the variety of what you can buy. Except the construction materials and furnitures, you can literally find everything. Food, medicine, fashion items and so on.

    Although the each shop occupies tiny area, they have unique echo system to sustain their business model. They buy directly things from manufactures or someone nearby to minimize distribution cost. And you can find many shops are selling their own products which means merchants are the manufacturers.

  • Myeongdong

    Myeong-dong is the primary tourist spot of Korea for foreign visitors, over 1.5 million people gather here a day.
    This place is like a huge show-window that you can check out all the trends of Korean.
    Not only can you see clothing, miscellaneous items, and cosmetics; you can also taste various trendy street foods of Korea.



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