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Tour Highlights

The first performance hall dedicated to B-boys

“The Ballerina Who Loved a B-Boy” (B-boys stands for break-dancing boys) is an award-winning musical that has eschewed any notion of what makes a performance successful. The show now has its own dedicated venue named after itself at the Kyunghyang Art Hall, located in central Seoul. The musical will be performed at this venue permanently.

The Ballerina Who Loved a B-Boy Theater's stage and seating are close together maximizing the interaction between actors and audience, encouraging active audience participation.

“The Ballerina Who Loved a B-Boy:” a world-famous non-verbal musical

“The Ballerina Who Loved a B-Boy” is a non-verbal musical combining exciting modern dance moves with beautiful ballet. Since taking the top award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2007, the musical has received a great deal of attention from around the world. Its non-verbal nature makes it ideal for speakers of every language. A sequel, “The Ballerina who Fell in Love with a B-Boy: the Second Story” was premiered in 2008.

The musical has been attended by over 1.5 million viewers from around over the world for the past six years. It has been acknowledged by the United Nations Human Rights Council and numerous prominent media outlets as the symbol of our modern times. It also serves to raise awareness of the economic and social gaps in society today.

The hip-hop play is set in the street of ballet practice rooms. Ballerina Soyeon is disturbed by conflicting loud music from street dancers. She falls in love with a dancer, Seokyun at first sight, but realizes ballet will be an obstacle to her love. She gives up the dream to be a prima donna and becomes a street dancer for love.

What You Can Expect

The Pantomime musical “The Ballerina Who Loved a B-Boy”
Many of performances have specific audiences because of the type of story, but “The Ballerina Who Loved a B-Boy” is beloved without distinction of age, gender, job, religion or faith and everyone sitting in their seats feels the heated energy and pure love.

“The Ballerina Who Loved a B-Boy,” the performance that represents the 21st century
This performance is showed off to many leaders of various organizations including the president and politicians and also has fascinated some two million people as the work of art accepted by the press from countries around the world and the UN human rights commission.

The blue ocean and the business model, “The Ballerina Who Loved a B-Boy”
It is the work that emerged from social issues which changed the type of performance culture from following the old customs. The key to this show's success if that it enlightens the people who make up society and it's also a purely original Korean play well-known around the world.

- The performance moves your heart without a word
- The perfect marriage of ballet and b-boy
- The performance exhibits the growing pain of a whole generation
- You will 100% fall in love if you understand dance with your soul


Watch an exciting modern dance with a combined performance from a traditional style of ballet. 

Tour Included

Guide, Transportation, Ticket and Hotel Pick up & Sending Service (in Seoul)

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3. Cancel at or after the tour begins or no-show: NO REFUND


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    The Ballerina who Loved a B-boy is a World Class Extreme Dance Musical of  Korean Origin. No worry about  Language. Dancing  tells Everything ! Diverse audiences transcending ages, occupations, social status, nationalities, religions, and social strata have appreciated The Ballerina who Loved a B-boy making it a global cultural icon.

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    • 2014/09/13 13:01:17

    The passion on the stage will never cool down even after 90 minutes of passionate performance is over. Everyone was happy to take pictures with the casts.


    • 2014/09/13 13:01:03

    It was a fun-filled party with live music, performances, dancing and more. The talented casts and showcase musical techniques will excite your ears and eyes too.

  • bera

    • 2014/09/08 13:00:36

    The performance was well made, and I felt the sweats and passions of all the casts and production crews.

  • H.ooly

    • 2014/09/08 11:58:37

    Most other performances keeps distressing me to understand and focus on the story, but with this one I could feel the story and enjoy the performance.