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Why Cosmojin

Welcome to Cosmojin. Thanks for your interest and support for our service.

Cosmojin travel has run Seoul daily city tour for more than 15 years. We developed the most attractive tour packages for visitors and will continue to create new programs to meet international traveler’s need.

We help you to plan your own Seoul city tour with well-prepared theme and organized time table. You will find the most convenient way to enjoy Seoul with Cosmojin.

We hire the best tour guides with good service experience especially for foreigners and they all get great feedbacks from the customers. They are all proud of what they do for visitors to make your every corner of visits memorable and meaningful.

Transportation is another important things define travel quality. We provides brand new and clean cars with reasonable price for various tour packages.

There is Korean saying "Even a chance meeting is due to the Karma in a previous life." We will serve you as our family and friend as we want you to remember the time with us as a great memory. There are so much fun in Seoul and we cannot wait to introduce all of them. It does not matter morning, afternoon or late night. You will be surprised what you can enjoy in every second. We look forward to meeting you soon. You will enjoy guided tour with interesting secret and meaningful information that you cannot find elsewhere. Aren’t you excited about the best guide, the best customer, the best place and the best tour course?

Tour Highlights

Even for Seoul residents or natives, Bukchon Korean traditional house town makes them wonder that it stills exists and is part of Seoul. As you may know, Seoul is full of modern and hi-tech and no one expects an old traditional town in the middle of the city.

Bukchon Hanok village is the old town located between Gyeongbokgung palace and Jongmyo shrine and named as North village. It also has lower land in the south than in the north. This characteristic provides a great viewpoint where you can enjoy the landscape of Mt. Namsan and a forest of skyscrapers. This is the reason why noble families and high-ranking officials of the Josun dynasty lived in North village.

Bukchon is also a hanok (traditional house) concentrated area and its alleys wind and twist between the houses. The traditional houses stand close together roof by roof. Everyday life in Hanok takes place not only within the houses but also outside of houses in the alleys. In alleys, adults have friendly conversations and the elderly take a rest and converse among themselves.

There used to be only 30 traditional houses with black tile roofs left but people and government have tried to keep this town as original in form as possible so you can see how people used to live together for 600 years in the Chosun dynasty.

Bukchon is called "the street museum in the urban core" having many historical spots and cultural heritage sites of the 600-year-old history of Seoul.

For visitors, the alleys of Bukchon are an interesting window which exists into the ordinary lives of ordinary Koreans. We've traveled through life at high speed so far, so it's time to give your soul a moment of rest a with slow and peaceful walk in Bukchon Hanok Village.

There are 8 photo spots where you can take pictures from the 8 best photo angles of Bukchon, and you don't want to miss the Choongang High School which is well known for the Korean drama, "Winter Sonata," that Yong Jun Bae and Jiwoo Choi starred in.

What You Can Expect

You can learn how the king and family lived and governed the whole nation from the palace while you learn the noble life from the traditional village at Bukchon. Now everyone can buy and sell houses and live in Bukchon but it used to be only for the nobles. Seoul City tour 3 offers all palace and Bukchon tours and gives you a lot of insight on the Chosun dynasty and its nobles.

There is the large and modern Lotte department store and duty free shop which is located near the Palace and Bukchon. You can find not only luxury items with reasonable duty free prices but also a grocery market and great restaurants.

- Historical, cultural and heritage tour of Seoul with a friendly guide and best logistics
- Changdukgung, UNESCO world heritage site, The most beautiful palace in Asia
- Bukchon Hanok traditional village where Chosun noble life is still breathing
- World's best Ginseng exhibition center or Amethyst exhibition shopping center
- Seoul's best Lotte duty free shopping center


* Visit a place where traditional Korean-style building is preserved as it is and a village of Korean’s nicest traditional houses.

* Bukchon Hanok Village
A place where Traditional Korean-style building is preserved as it is.

Tour Included

Guide, Transportation, Admission Fee, Hotel Pick up Service (in Seoul)

Pick-up & Sending Service

1. Tour ends at Lotte Department Store or Itaewon (Drop-off service back to your hotel is an additional charge of KRW 10,000 per person)
2. Pick-up service may be delayed due to traffic.

Payment / Cancelation

1. Cancel by 18:00 one day before the scheduled tour: 100% REFUND
2. Cancel after 18:00 one day before the tour date: cancellation fee of 100% of the tour cost.
3. Cancel at or after the tour begins or no-show: NO REFUND


1. Lunch is not included in a half day tour.
2. In case some sites of the tours are closed, a visit to alternative places will apply.
3. For your safety, stay with the group and follow the directions of the guide during a group tour.
4. Cosmojin cannot take responsibility for any injuries or losses incurred while on tour.

Cosmojin is registered in liability insurance corresponding KRW 300,000,000 for travel business license.

- The customers are not registered for accident insurance covering the medical expenses in case of accidents happening on the day of the event, so please check beforehand with the tour guide if customers are registered with travel insurance from homeland.

- Please refer to the special terms and conditions on the website for insurance coverage.


  • Bukchon Hanok Village

    The town of relaxation in Seoul, Korea: even though Seoul is full of big billboard signs of global companies and so many people running around in a hurry.
    The time clock has stopped 30-40 years ago at this town.
    This is the Bukchon Hanok Village in the middle of Seoul City.
    In the Bukchon Hanok Village, the past and the modern times mysteriously coexist with each other. This town reserves the old appearance of Korea really well like the public bath, barber shop, mill, oil shop, and others within the 30~40 years range.
    If people visit Bukchon Hanok Village and look around in every corner that are filled with Hanok housings intensely, whoever you may be, will fall in love with the beauty of this place.

  • N Seoul Tower

    N Seoul Tower, which is on top of the Namsan Mountain is 479.7 meter high. It is the 2nd tallest tower of the world.
    When you go up to the observatory of this place, you will see the fabulous panorama of Seoul.
    Also, N Seoul tower has a beautiful night view, you will see the beautiful scenery at the observatory as well as the outside of the tower in this representative landmark of Seoul.
    In the N Seoul tower; concert, love festival, love locker event, and other various events take place throughout 365 days a year, you will not be bored regardless of when you visit here.

  • Amethyst or Ginseng Center

    The colour of Amethyst is as unique as it is seductive, though in fact this gemstone of all gemstones is said to protect its wearer against seduction. Korean Amethyst is extravagance in violet since it has been formed from granite stone base since 5000 years. Moses described it as a symbol of the Spirit of God in the official robes of the High Priest of the Jews, and the Russian Empress Catherine the Great sent thousands of miners into the Urals to look for it. It was said to protect crops against tempests and locusts, bring good fortune in war and in the hunt, drive out evil spirits and inspire the intellect. 

    Ginseng is renowned for its effectiveness as a great healer for living ever so young.
    Especially if you eat ginseng when you lose your energy, it really helps to regain energy.
    Korea is acknowledged by the world because of the quality of ginseng as if it is the birthplace of ginseng.
    You can experience various kinds of ginseng products like gingersnap, extract, ginseng preserved in honey, and other great quality of products made in Korea.

  • Cheonggye Stream

    Koreans call Chunggyecheon as an oasis in the city central that is awakened from a long sleep. Among the dense tall buildings’ line-up, one ray of water is flowing through the central. Chunggyecheon has become a resting and picnic place for office workers at their lunch time and weekends. This place is chosen as the most beautiful ‘100 roads’ in Korea, it is really good for taking a stroll during a warm sun shining day.

  • Myeongdong Sending
    Myeong-dong Street is a one kilometer area from Myeong-dong Station to Euljiro and Lotte Department Store. Myeong-dong is the busiest region in Seoul and is the leader in Korean fashion trends. Not only will you find large shopping malls and famous brand name shops where you can find clothing and shoes, but fast food chains, cozy cafes and specialty restaurants fill the alleys.


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    Great! The national folk museum of Korea is great! This is Outdoor exhibition of a nice building.

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    Very informative!! Lots of fun with tour guide Lisa!!!!!!

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    Thanks Lupy, Good Day, we both arrived home safely, we both very much enjoyed our day with you on Saturday, I have reported our positive experience to Samsung. Thanks for the pictures, they will remind us of our time in Korea.

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    happy trip with COSMOJIN and lovely guide, Lisa today.

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    This is an amazing tour and Diane(Mi Sook) is an awesome guide and very knowledgeble and nice.I like to recomnend to everyone!

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    its beautiful day

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    It was a great tour with Diane and so sorry to hear that ferry accident.I will keep the South Korea in my prayers!

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    What a great rich culture and tradition ! We like Gyungbok palace and Buckchon hanok village

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    • 2014/07/19 14:56:40

    Here is Changdeokgung Palace in Seoul, very beautiful place of Koreas traditional. And that is a UNESCO World Heritage.

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    We travel Bukchon Hanok Village in Korea. I could feel the warm traditional culture of Korea.

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    Bukchon is comparable to Monaco. Every corner of the alley way was beautiful and it was true surprise to see the tradition in modern Seoul city.

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    It was a short trip but strongly recommended. All places are nearby and there was no wasting time at all. Cosmojin Seoul daily city tour course is the best!!

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    Tour logistics itself was interesting already. To see Changdeokgung and Bukchon together where all noblemen and scholars works and lived is really interesting concept and great learning.

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    I walked with my wife and felt like I had been a king. The palace was so beautiful.

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    Now I understand why it is one of Unesco world heritage. Changdeokgung is so beautifully designed and goes well with its surroundings